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Who We Are?

At Kash's Pawtique, we actively act for our animal friends by offering them the comfort and love they deserve. We work every day so that you can offer your furry friends a better life and show them all your love. We are here to bring happiness to animals through their well-being.

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Beds & Mats


Dog Walking Storage Bag Training LeashDog Walking Storage Bag Training Leash
Dog Walking Storage Bag Training Leash
Regular price$23.99
Elastic Buffer Strong Dog LeashElastic Buffer Strong Dog Leash
Elastic Buffer Strong Dog Leash
Regular price$18.99
Roulette Dog Wrist LeashRoulette Dog Wrist Leash
Roulette Dog Wrist Leash
Regular price$31.99
Tactical Dog Collar LeashTactical Dog Collar Leash
Tactical Dog Collar Leash
Reflective Nylon Soft Dog LeashReflective Nylon Soft Dog Leash
Reflective Nylon Soft Dog Leash
Dog Automatic Roulette LeashDog Automatic Roulette Leash
Dog Automatic Roulette Leash
Regular price$21.99
Premium Durable Dog Leash Car Seat BeltPremium Durable Dog Leash Car Seat Belt
Premium Durable Dog Leash Car Seat Belt
Regular price$22.99


Donkey Shape Corduroy Chew ToyDonkey Shape Corduroy Chew Toy
Donkey Shape Corduroy Chew Toy
Dog Spill Slow Food ToyDog Spill Slow Food Toy
Dog Spill Slow Food Toy
Regular price$18.99
Pet Leak Food Resistant ToyPet Leak Food Resistant Toy
Pet Leak Food Resistant Toy
Regular price$23.99
3256803637671507Corn Toothbrush Chewing Dog Toys
Corn Toothbrush Chewing Dog Toys
Regular price$16.99
Bone Sturdy Dog Chew ToyBone Sturdy Dog Chew Toy
Bone Sturdy Dog Chew Toy
Dog Interactive Toys BallDog Interactive Toys Ball
Dog Interactive Toys Ball
Dog Funny Interactive BallDog Funny Interactive Ball
Dog Funny Interactive Ball

Your Dog Matters

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Coats & Jackets

Love Bear Suspenders Pet ClothLove Bear Suspenders Pet Cloth
Love Bear Suspenders Pet Cloth
Regular price$13.99
Spring Summer Pet Tank TopSpring Summer Pet Tank Top
Spring Summer Pet Tank Top
Regular price$13.99
Yorkshire Poodle Puppy Plaid ShirtYorkshire Poodle Puppy Plaid Shirt
Yorkshire Poodle Puppy Plaid Shirt
Regular price$18.99
Doggie Print Girl Dog Plaid SkirtDoggie Print Girl Dog Plaid Skirt
Doggie Print Girl Dog Plaid Skirt
Regular price$16.99
Flying Sleeve Pet Princess SkirtFlying Sleeve Pet Princess Skirt
Flying Sleeve Pet Princess Skirt
Regular price$14.99
Summer Pet Cute Breathable VestSummer Pet Cute Breathable Vest
Summer Pet Cute Breathable Vest
Dots Plaid Fashion School ShirtDots Plaid Fashion School Shirt
Dots Plaid Fashion School Shirt
Regular price$15.99

Pet Grooming

Led Light Dog Nail ClippersLed Light Dog Nail Clippers
Led Light Dog Nail Clippers
Regular price$18.99
Washable Manual Lint Sticking RollersWashable Manual Lint Sticking Rollers
Washable Manual Lint Sticking Rollers
Regular price$16.99
Pet Double-Sided Eye Grooming BrushPet Double-Sided Eye Grooming Brush
Pet Double-Sided Eye Grooming Brush
Regular price$10.99
4 in 1 Pet Electric Hair Grooming Trimmer4 in 1 Pet Electric Hair Grooming Trimmer
4 in 1 Pet Electric Hair Grooming Trimmer
Regular price$29.99
Dog 3PCS Pet Flea RemoverDog 3PCS Pet Flea Remover
Dog 3PCS Pet Flea Remover
Electric Dog Cleaning Vacuum CleanerElectric Dog Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner
Electric Dog Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner
Regular price$22.99

Our Collections

Discover large selection of pet products made in the USA

We have been sourcing and selling pet products for over 7 years now and feel we deliver the highest quality to your pets. Kash'spawtique continues to be a meeting point between sustainability and selection. We are dedicated to providing you with a large selection of products that prove their worth.


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